visual arts short dance photography series:
the simple sway of a soul. the closeness in the realisation of one’s self to near a so called completeness in the motion & moment in time.

it is no abstract of realism, & no definition can ever be in similarity to another. maybe in concept of a theoretical thought or label, but no more than that it can ever be a comparison to any other.

in the simple motions eclipsed in light, in the simple lines structuring the life intimate in its one soul to the desire to form, intimacy sways in infinite musical notions forming an eternal figure of 8. If eyes see it or not, it doesn’t ever and will never even change the true meanings exhaled from that life that only breathes desire to live.
photography by nabil darwish, copyright 2019 all rights reserved
Anna Karenina Ballet by Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg - 12 Feb 2019
location: QNCC, Doha, Qatar

[to a 1 & only figure of 8]
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