intrigued by continuous change through the passing of 365 days, it can only be said that no matter whom was passed through the frames of the ancient pebbled streets and corners, the toll of the city’s burdens on its inhabitance can only be seen off their faces and reactions to questions on how they manage their lives. from fears of decaying instability in their socio-economic life, to worries of days to come, with all that they might bring from further political unrest.
yet, smiles passed overcame the frowns as the glimmer of lucid hope was ever so revealing even in the roughest words described in stories heard. hope that strength will  be kept through the ageless ungendered defined gaps, and even more that places fears aside.
the holy city is by far the city of hope, and a city of people that truly make it what it is now and will make it for future generations to come.
or so I hope.
photography by nabil darwish, copyright 2019 all rights reserved.
location: old city of Jerusalem
music copyrights: zamilou by bu kolthoum, covered by rhita bennani, Remix by remat
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