report cover photography
faced - everyday life
the sides of images, what is seen, what is looked at, and what is simply just looked through.
it is either we see to understand, or we look through to bypass what is being truly seen no matter what is being faced in any frame.
a privilege to have had my photography work featured to cover a report of great essence and value by the prestigious London School of Economics – Middle East Centre – LSE, & at the same time, the superb chance to collaborate over the short film with the internationally renowned composer & musician ghiya rushidat through her music from the track taym.

the report is part of the project ‘The Regulation of Palestinian Everyday Life’, a collaboration between LSE and Birzeit University. It seeks to inquire into the changing modes of governance impacting upon Palestinians in the West Bank including East Jerusalem, their reaction and engagement with these systems, and the social effects of these engagements.
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Palestinian Everyday Life: Living Within and Without Legality Report
Nov. 2018, © 2018 LSE
Haneen Naamneh, Reem al-Botmeh and Rami Salameh
report cover image:
photography by nabil darwish via street photography series: faced
copyright 2019 all rights reserved
music: taym - ghiya rushidat

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