we define what we are by the soul that makes us who we are..
isn’t that the so called common sense of realities we live in?
how about if we take that reality, fracture its so called common “truth”, to a reality where what we are is made from the displacement of the ground we are on..
from dawn till dusk, facing the real denominator that made two lives see routines, placed on them, a common ground to dream of a life that could be.. taking their own steps to learn, explore, and survive life’s wind tunnels in an open stream.. they simply dream..
yet, even in the furthest horizon, their story of a dream, can only go short into what that fracture has spread out into the lives that are and can be..
so ask yourself, that same common sense of a reality that you live in, what defines your soul to what you are, were, and to be..
photography by: Nabil Darwish Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
location: birzeit, west bank
photography story and series is a submission to:
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to a one
a one that created light into an iris of life
my iris to see.
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