since 2004, 3 souls bound by brotherhood have encapsulated rhythms that have enchanted listeners on endless journeys of pure divine acoustics. 15 years on, and till date the voices and artistic talent of Boyce Avenue lives on to bring a stronger realisation defining their talent that brings heartfelt echoes across concert halls.

if only words can bring enough moments back from the first experiences through their tunes brought in through their cover musical compositions on the digital air streams of youtube. road-trips and dances, smiles, and in-ear audio which have inspired me to bring feelings through my lens.

they live on to define further journeys of acoustically voiced compositions, and what a privilege to have had the opportunity to capture those definitions unexpectedly in a city of culture, (doha, qatar), where the three brothers mesmerised an ageless audience to what their covers and compositions have done through all those years.
photography by nabil darwish copyright 2019 all rights reserved.
concert photography: 17 January 2019
location: QNCC, Doha, Qatar
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