More than Sand and Sea

As we rise with Qatar, we see it’s beauty, it’s land and sea. 
We are one with nature and we MUST remember to keep it clean.
What we add to this beauty should NOT be trash. 
What we naturally love, we should not harm. 
We hold proudly the beauty of our surroundings. 
May Human Nature lead the way. May our pride opens our mind and eyes. 
Our Qatar, our nature is more than Sand and Sea
Don't Litter Qatar. Keep it Clean
Doha Environmental Actions Project (DEAP), in collaboration with Nabil Darwish, is proud to launch its anti-littering media campaign to accompany its promotion of caring for the environment here in Qatar.
The campaign was envisioned from wanting to share the love of Qatar’s natural beauty (unexplored by most) with the aim of encouraging citizens and residents to be their better selves and dispose of their trash responsibly.
After 7 months of weekly beach clean-up restoration and to mark an end to 2017, Doha Environmental Actions Project (DEAP) is keen to raise the public awareness of the environmental damage caused by the littering and aid in making the public aware of the new Law #18 of 2017 on public hygiene. In support of this cause, Nabil Darwish donated his time and expertise and took on the campaign elements of Creative Direction, Photography, Videography, and Production.
Location 1: East-West / West-East, Zekreet 
Location 2: Sealine Dunes, Sealine
Special thanks goes out to our Volunteers, Bojana Ivanova, Ahmed Abdalla, and Nathan Thadani. Your dedication, patients, and value, made it all happen.
Videography, Photography, & Production by:
Nabil Darwish, Copyright 2017/18 All Rights Reserved
For more information on the event and campaign feel free to contact Ms. Jeanne Bédard via:
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