living lives
short photography series by: Nabil Darwish © 2012
the 13th of a September of a year that went passed so fast, or even for some not fast enough..

the 13th day of a passing month through the 365 days of a year that one can say that change has been one to adapt with.. being within other passing lives, within hemispheric turbulence, and subtle drifts of time that created new views for every life...
yet for some, a moment of time is what it is all about, a moment to reflect a subtle breath exhaled to drive enough power through the days to come...

these are the living lives of eyes that seek such flow..

these are the living density of souls which crave breaths to live through another 365 days with just an ounce of hope for a morning shine to come..

short photography series by:
Nabil Darwish © 2012
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