dance photography series:
lovers reach
in figures of 8, in figures of 1 they entwine together at the rhythms of classical notes rising with the intensity of their souls.
in motion timed by their sights & closed eyes that grasped & gasped breaths with the touches of their souls as they danced through their story of history that is told. 8 is the shape that eternally embodies their steps of infinite expressions, & counted from their childhood that strengthened their power to become a 1 body expressing what ever is felt in their dance of life.

the lovers reach of expression, the lovers latch to what is and can ever they hold. one to each other they are what they can be, lovers of 1 soul that will never let time end to their beyond infinite love story that is told.

a story told by endless writers, each telling the tale of two bound by heartbreak in their lives from the need to be with each other.
and as they dance through their story, the intensity crafted by Boris Eifman explodes with impact setting aside all secondary storylines in Leo Tolstoy’s novel through his choreographed focus only on the love triangle between “Anna, Karenin, and Vronsky”. as eyes watched, they can only relate to their own life story that they’ve never even told. It is the dramatic expression from the strength of a woman being “reborn”, it is the lovers passion and basic instinct which has led anna’s might to the breach of the then was the current norm.

ironic isn’t it? as that has never and won’t ever change in this so called common life we live through.

yet through his choreography, the expressions of anna karenina brought out what was within, the motherly love that was killed, and the destruction of her inner world. all in all, and being so completely consumed and crushed by passion, she was ready for any sacrifice. each choreographed step spoke not of previous times but of today, and the timeless emotional notions from the #dancers on stage that parallel reality leaving all in their open wide eyes, leaving me only to expose a lovers reach in my own lens of a life.

a figure of 8, and an eternal reach of lovers that will never vanish or fade.
a beyond eternal desire to live a love from breaths that never will fade away.
dance photography by nabil darwish copyright 2019 all rights reserved.
Anna Karenina Ballet by Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg - 12 Feb 2019
Location: QNCC, Doha, Qatar

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